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Here at CYW we build innovate Regtech to help our client businesses improve their compliance with the law. 

We also help individual compliance officers, consultancies and teams learn their craft through membership of our portal. 

Our portal provides them with access to cutting edge technology. 

Go to to see our encrypted messaging platform. It allows communications via encrypted email, text messaging, web portal or telephone hotline. It can be used as a whistle-blowing platform, to reduce internal fraud or help change management communications.


Cutting Edge Anti-Money Laundering Software

Cayman Islands Secure Encrypted AML Software


Access the most advanced Anti Money Laundering software – with no need to purchase your own. This is ideal for smaller regulated financial and non-financial businesses.

  • CDD and EDD checks automatically alerts when a change is detected.
  • Prepares and stores a manual, risk assessment and operational guidance documents.
  • Keeps a record of everything.
  • Records all your internal training and qualifications
  • Completes transaction monitoring to give you the full picture.
  • Sets tasks and records when they’re completed to keep you up to date.
  • Alerts to changes in the regulations and adapts to keep you up to date.


We Monitor Money Laundering Activity Automatically.

Cayman Islands Anti Money Laundering transaction monitoring


Whether you need to check a clients ID and need Ai enabled facial recognition or you need to verify a document, we can help you. 

We have access to two of the world’s largest Ai enabled KYC databases and you can interrogate them via us to confirm your clients validity and status. 


Train your clients digitally.

Faster transaction screening globally


Our training portal allows you to access hundreds of training packages that can be delivered electronically over the net. You can even upload your own training courses and sell them via our network to other consultants or direct to a bank. Delivered over the internet, the system provides regulator approved audits of who has been trained and in what. 


AML audits and Assessments

Cayman Islands AML audit function


Our consultant network have access to cutting edge audit software to enable them to audit a client and provide reports digitally, all stored in encrypted format and accessible to the client and the consultant. They can also complete detailed risk assessments. Regulators can request access to these documents to make reviews much more effective and quicker. 



Anti Money Laundering regulations

Cayman Islands Money Laundering Regulations


Recent offshore rulings have required certain financial businesses must have MLRO and DMLRO officers to manage their AML requirements and reporting. We are here to help you achieve compliance.

With our team here to ensure your regulated reports are completed on time and to standard, you can focus on your customer and business relations


Investigation & Intelligence.


If you have uncovered something that is troubling you or you suspect fraud or criminality, CYW will resolve the issue for you in complete confidentiality. Our new messaging platform helps you uncover what’s going on – we call it ARANEA. It’s managed by our sister website over at

[videopress 9kY2V6zB]

No matter if it’s internal or external actors, we have qualified and experienced UK and US police detectives, digital analysts, network analysts, financial accountants and more to help you get back on an even keel.


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Financial Compliance isn’t a task, it’s a duty. You need to focus on your customers so we provide the tools to help you.


Let us resolve your headaches. We operate in complete confidentiality and assure you of our best attention at all times.


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