AML Training

AML training

CYW provide a range of AML training products. From manuals and policies for development through to detailed training courses. Our courses develop understanding for;

Frontline staff – Managers – Board members – AML staff.

AML training

Our products are built bespoke for your organization to update staff on the latest typologies, best practice and regulations locally, regionally and globally.

We will provide a training schedule for your organization. This enables delivery of our product ‘in-house’ by your own trainers.

Our schedule will help with what to train and when.

We also provide online and webinars to develop your staff in short bespoke updates. This is ideal for impending changes to regulations to update your staff.

Webinars – Intranet Portal – In the classroom – by short video update.

The portal has useful short run video updates that are quick and easy to grasp for your front-line staff.

They can then update themselves quickly while at work.

The system identifies who has viewed and who has not, so you can audit your training delivery.

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