Achieving Strategic Intent

Achieving Strategic Intent

Devising the strategy is the easy bit. Getting all the moving parts to align to your intent not so.

It will be the first test of your management structure.

Aligning AML Operations to Strategic Intent
Aligning AML Operations to Strategic Intent

One of the frustrations you have is not knowing everything you have put in place is actually causing the gears of the organization to turn in the direction of the strategy. You are so far removed from the day to day of the shop-floor you can only rely on distant feedback and data metrics.

“Are your feedback loops and key metrics telling you what you want to hear?”

And if they are telling you a story, is that the ground truth? We help you get to the ground truth. To reduce your risk.

Our leadership chart demonstrates the steps we will take to align your AML operations to your strategic intent.

Our expertise is in compliance, risk and policing. But the real benefit to you is our dynamic approach to governance and our years of experience implementing change and productivity improvements. In a range of industry types, not just finance.

How to align a strategic AML threat assessment to operational behaviours – reducing your risk. Talk to us.

We will analyse your current state and consult with your staff from the most junior to the most senior. We will map your current state and ‘to be’ state and help you get from A to Z as painlessly as possible.

We will give you confidence and an understanding everyone is pulling in the direction you have set.

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