AML Compliance Investigation

AML Compliance Investigation

When an AML Compliance Investigation starts an institution needs an external independent review of what happened. There are also needs if an institution discovers issues internally, such as with an employee, product or customer.

To help CYW have:

AML Compliance Investigation management
AML Compliance Investigation management
  • Ex-police detectives;
  • Criminal analysts;
  • Forensic accountants;
  • Network specialists; and
  • MLRO/DMLRO and AML officers.

We help institutions to get to the heart of the issues in complete confidence.

Analysis product.

AML Investigation analysis Cayman Islands
AML Investigation analysis

CYW also have access to networked analysis products and intelligence to help with any AML Compliance Investigation. Once contracted will be available to partners to assist in uncovering issues for strategic decision making based on fact.

And to do so at a speed to ensure our partner has access to the facts to make informed decisions prior to any regulatory agency.

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Dark Web Intelligence.

AML Darkweb Investigation Cayman islands
AML Darkweb Investigation

CYW monitor the dark net for mentions of brand, customer and product names and can interact on the dark net to uncover potential security threats for institutions. This is critical in today’s connected world, criminals are continually adapting to defeat your defence. It is always wise to be ahead of the threat.

Customer deep analysis.

Customer deep due diligence
Customer deep due diligence

If you want to go a step further than generic KYC, we can uncover deep analysis of your customer in complete confidentiality. This helps with AML Compliance Investigations to identify potential issues before they become part of your business. Be it a natural or legal person, CYW will uncover the deep facts for you.

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