AML Networked Criminal Intelligence

AML Networked Criminal Intelligence

AML Networked Criminal Intelligence
AML Networked Criminal Intelligence

When AML officers have to make decisions on customers or transactions they do so with at best 25% of the picture. If they had AML Networked Criminal Intelligence this would change; hugely. Ascertaining a customers relative risk cannot simply be down to searching adverse media or relying on identity/incorporation/transaction histories.

To really identify a customers risk you need to know, with some reliability, what information is within the financial industry to suspect the customer is a criminal enterprise or an actual living criminal. Obviously this information is significantly sensitive so CYW Solutions will only supply it to financial institutes registered with us.

Reduce risk identify customers
Reduce risk identify customers

Taking chances to secure a contract is one thing. Doing so to risk your reputation or even commercial existence is another entirely.

Anyone who reads the press or specialist media can see the stories when institutes have got it wrong.

It is also easy to see when executives and compliance staff have been embroiled and even sent to prison and fined.

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CYW Solutions will provide Networked Criminal Intelligence so you can make informed decisions. Protecting your reputation simply has to come first in today’s criminally active financial industry. Our systems will help you do just that.

Contact us to get a free report and to identify how we can improve your risk profile.

Free AML Intelligence Help
Free AML Intelligence Help

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