AML Exams and Certifications

AML Exams and Certifications

AML exams and certifications
AML exams and certifications

The most accepted examination for a qualified and certified AML professional is the ACAMS certificate. AML exams and certifications do come from other organisations but ACAMS is the leading industry provider.

Known as ‘CAMS’ – Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist – the qualification can be completed in around three months with a dedicated commitment to passing it.

ACAMS offer courses that can be taken remotely and run the exam frequently each year.

The CAMS qualification is the most recognised in the industry for entry level AML professionals. People seeking to break into the industry are well advised to take the exam.

Contact us for a 2018 ACAMS CAMS qualification study text version.

This website has lots of resources to help people pass the exam, including access to past exam questions and mock questions. Contact us to help you.

The exam itself revolves around the risk based approach in banking. There are other industry sectors but most knowledge is required around banking. Professionals with life experience will be able to understand the terminology and/or pick it up but it does focus on banking.

The exam can be sat in a number of world-wide locations that are licensed by ACAMS to run the exams. The process is very strict. Students are not allowed to take papers in or take papers out of the exam room. ACAMS protects its questions very carefully to protect the integrity of the exam process.

ACAMS also offer examinations in more specialised AML work, like audit – new in 2019. Because this is new, it is wise to wait until it is evident the industry is recognising this qualification before undertaking study for this exam.

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