AML Messenger

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AML Messenger

CYW believe passionately in justice.

AML messenger improves CSR

We believe all efforts should be made to bring to justice those that steal, abuse others and deceive for their own benefit.

It seems to us simply inconceiveable that information relating to the huge frauds and money laundering crimes isn’t suspected within large financial institutions that unwittingly facilitate it.

Of course there are internal whistleblowing systems for employees of banks and institutions to report wrongdoing. Yet they aren’t used.

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Research suggests there are many reasons for not using internal whistle-blowing systems:

Exchange messages and files anonymously
  • Fear of being victimised.
  • Fear of losing a job.
  • Fear of being identified.
  • Fear of getting it wrong.
  • Not believing in safeguards.
  • Not trusting your employer or the workplace culture as supportive.
  • Fear of having to speak to the police or go to court.

CYW help whistleblowers to report their concerns completely anonymously, internally.

Open an account with a ‘throw away’ email and ‘John Doe’ username
  • We cannot collect any personal identifiable information.
  • We cannot identify the device being used to report.
  • We do not collect any data stored on the device.
  • We encrypt all messages as they leave the device only decrypted when they arrive at ours.
  • If someone tries to intercept the message it will be completely indecipherable.
  • We will not use the information without the specific authority of the reporting person and even then we can’t identify them.
  • We will analyse the information with other sources we have to try and support what they say.
  • We will stay in touch via the system so they have a shoulder to lean on.
  • We will support them with free legal advice if they need it.
  • We will support them if they decide to make their information public (subject to the institute not being part of our network).
  • We will assess any risk to them and support them to ensure their safety.

CYW provide a secure way to report concerns.

All messages are encrypted end to end so they can’t be intercepted.

Whistle-blowers are doing the right thing. It is wrong for people to steal from others and when it is done at scale it is significant abuse. They may think their information is insignificant but it could be the final piece in a larger intelligence picture that exposes wrongdoing.

Our application is built to protect the whistleblower at all costs. Only when the whistleblower gives us authority will we share the information in its raw format.

Our aim is to improve CSR and ethical business. Help to uncover fraud and money laundering; protecting the whistleblower is at the heart of this.


If you are a Financial Institute you can support whistle-blowing. Providing your staff with the ability to report to us at the same time showing your institute has integrity and ethics as a business core.