AML Policy

AML Policy and Procedures

AML can be a minefield without skilled practitioners who understand the regulations. That isn’t where it stops however. Good AML staff know how to influence and negotiate to ‘get things done’. Writing good AML policy is central to this.

AML policy and procedures
AML policy and procedures

With such a critical function, it is extremely important AML operators can communicate across the organization. From writing to implementing strategy, policy and procedures.

This helps guide internal teams to know what to do in any given situation; and then they don’t, who to go to for help.

Criminals are finding ever more sophisticated ways to transact and clean their money through your business. It is fundamentally important AML processes keep track with regulations.

In particular within insular regions, like small offshore islands, it is vital your team remain up to date. Not only with local regulations but the wider international environment.

We specialize in writing procedures to align your policy to the business strategy. This ensures your operations are impacted as little as possible. Balancing the operational requirements to AML risk is what we do. Step by step plans to ensure your staff understand their CDD/EDD/KYC/Beneficial ownership responsibilities.

We supply you with graphics for advertising staff requirements and a manual for them to refer to at any given time.

ACAMS certified
ACAMS certified

At CYW we help with staff who are all qualified with ACAMS and come from a range of backgrounds. From Law enforcement to the financial industry. We will help you to avoid regulatory fine and reputation loss.

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