AML Whistleblowing Application Live


AML whistleblowing application live
AML whistleblowing application live

We are pleased to announce our AML whistleblowing application has gone live.

We are still conducting testing on the Android version but it is essentially ready to be deployed into Financial Firms to enable their staff to report wrongdoing internally.

Here is how it works;

  • A user can sign up anonymously using a ‘throw away’ email address and nom de plum.
  • The user identifies who the concern is about and the organization.
  • A ‘master’ user receives the concern and allocates it to one of our whistleblowing experts.
  • Our expert contacts the whistleblower and dialogue opens up to explain the concern.
  • The application can accept attachments so the whistleblower can send us any form of document, spreadsheet, email, video, audio…anything they want to.
  • Everything is encrypted to military grade.
  • We enter all information into a newly built OFFLINE intelligence system to analyse the information and corroborate wherever we can.
  • We will consider tasking to previous whistleblowers to confirm current intelligence- most notably about transactions and trading.
  • If the whistleblower is from a partner organization we liaise with them to resolve any issues internally. AT NO TIME WILL WE RELEASE THE DETAILS OF THE WHISTLEBLOWER.
  • If the whistleblower is reporting independent of his organization and they are not part of our network we do not divulge any details to the organization without the strict permission of the whistleblower.
  • We assist the whistleblower with a leading attorney from Washington in the US to achieve rewards. Rewards can be in the Millions of USD.
  • The application can also be utilized to report tax crime, in fact any type of financial crime.
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We already have a number of pre-sign ups to the system.

AML whistleblowing Application live

When we put the Apple version live we will be producing data on the locations of our whistleblowers, the volume of messages we are receiving, aggregated nature of the information and aggregated nature of the businesses being reported on.

Our intelligence system is managed by trained and experienced ex-police detectives. We will grade and weight the intelligence based on the reliability of the reporting person, corroborating the information through whatever means. We will then have a case worker investigate the information supplied. This will be used to report internally to partner agencies or externally to support the whistleblower legally.

Our system will also secure intelligence from other sources, including law enforcement, open source, business portals, Government sources, partner agencies, transport movement websites and media amongst other sources.

We will support all whistleblowers to receive rewards where the organization being reported on either isn’t part of our network and the criminal activity can legally generate rewards in the jurisdictions we report to (mainly the US).




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