AML Whistleblowing Support

AML Whistleblowing Support

CYW Solutions provide AML Whistleblowing Support by assisting institute staff to report internally before they decide to go to the police.

AML Whistleblowing Support
AML Whistle-blowing Support

We provide an end to end encrypted solution, protected by layers of firewall. This allows independent individuals to report incidents confidentially.

Firms benefit through understanding internal complaints quicker to resolve them earlier.

We will always protect the whistle-blower’s identity but we will also share information with you to give you the opportunity to put right whatever is reported.

Our systems are encrypted to Military Grade, we will not share outside of the network without legal and proper due diligence.

Having a whistle-blowing platform can help support your employees and ensure they know that your organization cares about ethical business.

The Ground Truth

AML whistleblowing support application
AML whistleblowing support application

The system ensures there is a direct reporting mechanism to the board by removing barriers. It provides reassurance the board is understands the ground truth and are not having information withheld.

This is particularly important when the reporting person is capable of doing significant damage if not supported internally.

Our systems are focused on the ‘at risk’ jurisdictions where an employee would feel safer reporting externally, before going to the police. This can assist due diligence and put right any bad behavior before it gets too serious.

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AML Whistleblowing Support
AML Whistleblowing Support


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