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The CYW Team – Operation Embrace

Here at CYW we pride ourselves on our diversity. Our team come from different nations, we speak different languages and we think in different ways. This is very deliberate. We collectively believe life is a journey that you can experience once. So what better way to learn than to do so through others’ experiences?

We believe this makes for better and more rounded decision-making. Operation Embrace is just about to get under way. We aim to build the best intelligence solution for the financial and connected industries.

We will be leading on the latest technologies and operational abilities. The outcome? An intelligence tool that puts the criminal on the back-foot, increases the recovery of laundered/stolen assets and reduces risk for the industry.”

Andy Parr – October 2019

Our CEO Andy Parr(LinkedIn profile)

Andy Parr

Andy has 26 years experience as a police officer and detective. He has led inquiries into the most significant crimes including murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, firearms offences, attempt murder of police officers, fraud, drug trafficking and more. He has served on three continents as a police officer, specializing in intelligence in Afghanistan, Andy mentored senior Afghan officers in undercover and intelligence collect against the insurgency.

Director – Mark Craven(LinkedIn profile)

Mark specializes in the insurance industry and anti-fraud systems to prevent organized criminal gangs from defrauding the industry. He brings a wealth of experience in fraud and customer relationship management.

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Shaun Anderson. Consultant – UK(LinkedIn profile)

Shaun is a career police officer having specialized in covert policing methods and investigations. He brings policing, intelligence and investigative experience honed on two continents. He is a leader and operational expert in policing methods, intelligence and investigations.

Dev Odedra – Consultant – UK/Europe(LinkedIn profile)

Dev Odedra is an independent anti-money laundering and financial crime expert. He has significant experience in managing financial crime risk in the retail, corporate and investment banking sectors. His expertise covers investigations, advisory and controls implementation and improvement. He has worked extensively across a number of retail banks in the risk and compliance field.

John Durnian – Consultant – UK/Europe/Eastern Europe(LinkedIn profile)

John is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) has over ten years experience in Financial Crime Compliance, encompassing wealth management, commodities & futures, investment banking, capital markets, correspondent banking, trade finance, and corporate finance.
As a former Intelligence Analyst for the National Crime Agency and Financial Conduct Authority he also has experience with complex investigations into major fraud, money laundering, market abuse, terrorist financing and sanctions evasion.

Aaron Kahler – Consultant – Human Trafficking(LinkedIn profile)

Aaron is an advocate for Anti-Human Trafficking, FinTech, Crypto and is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiast. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Licensed Private Investigator, Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime subject matter expert , Risk & AML/Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Regulatory Compliance, Fraud and Due Diligence/Background Investigations. Cryptocurrency Compliance and FinTech Advisory.

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Waheed Zaman – ConsultantSouth Asia and Greater Middle East (LinkedIn profile)

Waheed believes that the global AML/TF field is changing. He believes professionals willing to embrace change, show determination and forbearance will flouish. He has experience in retail banking and KYC, CDD , EDD, TDD (Transaction due diligence) , CFT (Combating the financing of terrorism) & OFAC ( The office of foreign Assets Control). Waheed brings language skills in English, Sindhi, Siraiki and Urdu.

Gytis Z – Consultant – Eastern Europe – Russia(LinkedIn profile)

Gytis works within Corporates and Institutions compliancy. He specializes in AML/CFT/KYC/Sanctions Screening/Payments and is based in Lithuania. He has worked in the public and private sector and brings language skills to the team. He speaks English, French, Lithuanian and Russian.

Derick Mostert – Consultant – Africa(LinkedIn profile)

Derick manages a team of analysts, senior analysts and forensic accountants in South Africa’s Financial Intelligence Centre. He has previously worked in Law enforcement and for the South African Internal Revenue. He brings a wealth of experience in South African financial intelligence. Derick speaks Afrikaans, English, Northern Sotho and Spanish.

Marian Muller – Consultant -Crypto (LinkedIn profile)

Marian has worked in a range of private industries mostly in compliance and risk. He now specializes in crypto risk and has a start up business aimed at encouraging home working.

Marian speaks German and English.

Tariq Rahman – Consultant – Canada and Northern USA(LinkedIn profile)

Tariq is a career finance compliance professional with a project and programme planning slant. He has worked on multiple projects; business process analysis, business development, cost-benefit analysis, and economic issues for different organizations including United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organization’s joint agency Tariq speaks Bangla, English and Hindi.

Tim Lloyd – Consultant Journalist – USA(LinkedIn profile)

Tim is a licensed financial advisor, economic journalist, AML regulatory expert and content advisor for fintech startups and alternative asset managers. He writes extensively about financial industry regulatory compliance, with deep knowledge of BSA legislation, as well as emerging crypto-oversight regimes in Switzerland, Europe and beyond. Tim has been published in Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Treasury & Risk, Thomson Reuters Legal, ThirtyK, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, InSight Crime, Investor’s Business Daily, VentureBeat and DealFlow’s Alternative Lending Report.

Joshua Douglas – Consultant – Southern USA(LinkedIn profile)

Joshua has a background in AML and BSA in the banking sector and currently works in a senior role in retail banking in the Southern USA.

Glenna Smith – Consultant – Caribbean(LinkedIn profile)

Glenna is a regulatory compliance expert specializing in AML/CFT with extensive experience. Having built and ran successful compliance programs at two banks as a key member of the Senior Leadership Team providing strategic direction, regulatory guidance and compliance management of day-to-day activities. She currently runs her own consultancy in Barbados.

Tim O’Neill – Consultant – USA(LinkedIn profile)

Tim is regarded as a Subject Matter Expert, responsible for advising, training and education associated with BSA Compliance, AML and Fraud Investigations, as well as Information Security best practices; He is excited to connect with other professionals in these domains. Recently, he transitioned from both Active Duty and the Reserves with the U.S. Army CID, and most currently, to a full time contract assignment in the private/public sector.

Alan Hill – Consultant – UK(LinkedIn profile)

Experienced specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the open source intelligence sector. Skilled in specialist operational management, threat intelligence, national intelligence, open source intelligence & integration, and technical development. Strong intelligence professional with high standards of intelligence collection and operational support. Currently employed as the operations and technical manager dealing with open source research, intelligence and capability development.

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Operation Embrace will encompass bringing previously unused data into the financial industry to inform on risk and mitigate it. We will also be employing an operational human investigative element. Collecting intelligence for input to the system.

The solution will cross borders, sectors and industries. It will utilize artificial intelligence to categorise unstructured and misaligned data. It will use national blockchain infrastructure to allow rules based engines to decide on the sharing of data beyond sector, industry or national boundaries. It will incorporate a collecting agency to secure and input intelligence to the system.

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Global Elimination of Financial Crime.


Working with our clients and policy-setters to eliminate criminality from the global financial system through cost effective and efficient means.


  • Customers first, foremost and throughout;
  • Ethical and honest business and integrity in all we do;
  • Teamwork internally and externally to achieve more;
  • Empowering creativity in our team; and
  • Value for money


  • Aligning operational activity to strategic intent;
  • Review of current activity to reduce compliance risk;
  • Implementing crime prevention initiatives;
  • Rooting our internal criminality;
  • Providing innovative criminal investigation public/private support;
  • Providing network criminal intelligence;
  • Facilitating internal whistleblowing support;
  • Providing short notice AML compliance support.

This article has already been read 315 times!