British Virgin Islands Whistleblowers

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British Virgin Islands Whistleblowers

British Virgin Islands whistleblowers
British Virgin Islands whistleblowers

There is no whistle-blower protection law in the BVI. British Virgin Islands whistleblowers are at risk due to this. The Government has stated it will enact legislation but until it does it is vital whistleblowers report via systems that are not located in the jurisdiction. This is to prevent leakage of information and detrimental actions being taken against the whistleblower.

What we can help with

We can investigate your disclosure and ensure your concern is reported to a Non-BVI attorney to protect you and your information.

When the law is enacted and if your disclosure is protected, and you have been subject to detrimental action, we can ensure you are appropriately compensated.

Blowing the whistle in the BVI is dangerous. It is a tight-knit, small community where everybody knows each others business.

Due to this we recommend reporting ‘off island’.

BVI whistleblowing
BVI whistleblowing

We will ensure you are compensated for information relating to:

  1. Money Laundering
  2. Tax evasion
  3. Bribery
  4. Securities breaches (insider-trading etc)
  5. Terrorism financing

Did you know?

When the legislation is enacted it is highly likely to require reports to be made via an attorney.

This is one reason why we ensure your whistle-blowing disclosure is made to our attorney.

Did you also know that if the matter you report involves the US, we can secure you up to 30% of any recovered funds.

Before you come to us

  • Your identity, and any information you give to us, will be kept secret and confidential- everything is encrypted to military grade;
  • A summary of the improper/unlawful conduct will be needed;
  • The time, date and place where the conduct took place is paramount;
  • The name of the suspect you are reporting about will be needed;
  • The name of the organisation involved is also required.
  • The names of any witnesses to the suspect behavior/actions;
  • Any files/images/documents that you have secured to corroborate what you report.

What to expect

Your identity, and any information you give to us, will be kept secret and confidential. We will:

  1. Act fairly, independently and impartially.
  2. Conduct a thorough investigation with senior ex-British Police Detectives.
  3. Ensure you are compensated if legally possible.
  4. Review the information and investigate to corroborate it.
  5. Provide you with a report about the results of our investigation every two weeks.
  6. Your disclosure must be made in the public interest and not strictly for your own personal benefit.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question, the answer may already be here for you.

Who can make a disclosure?

Anyone can make a disclosure. Generally it must be in the public interest and not to benefit you specifically. So personal grievances cannot be dealt with like this, more criminality and improper conduct that effects the state or breaches criminal codes.

Will my identity be protected?

We protect the identity of all whistleblowers that come to us. We will not disclose your details under any circumstances. This is the benefit of reporting to an independent attorney backed organization.

What is improper conduct?

Improper conduct is generally defined as one of the below:

  • a criminal offence
  • a failure to carry out a legal obligation
  • conduct that has, or is likely to:
    • result in a miscarriage of justice
    • be a detrimental action
    • result in a violation of human rights
    • result in a threat to health and safety
    • result in a threat or damage to the environment
  • conduct that shows gross mismanagement, impropriety or misconduct involving public funds
  • willful concealment of any act described above

How do I make a disclosure of improper conduct?

Contact us via our encrypted (to military grade) and anonymous app. We will help you with our attorney and investigate your report.

Why is it important to make a disclosure to an attorney-at-law?

Generally, the law requires reports to go to government agencies (such as an ombudsman) or to an attorney. We provide you with an attorney.

What is detrimental action?

If you have made a disclosure and your employer acts in reprisal, this is a detrimental action and includes things like;

  • action causing injury, loss or damage
  • intimidation or harassment
  • unlawful discrimination, disadvantage or adverse treatment
  • preventing, restraining or restricting an employee from making a protected disclosure
  • inducing any person by threats, promises or otherwise to not report.

When BVI enact the Whistle-blower protection law it is likely to have these concepts within it. Until the act is put on statute we will protect you via our off island attorney to ensure the information you report does not impact your employment. Anything you report to us MUST be kept secret and not shared with others to help us protect you.


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