Cayman Islands Whistleblowing

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Cayman Islands Whistleblowing.


Cayman Islands whistleblowing
Cayman Islands whistleblowing

We help whistle-blowers to navigate the law and protect them from retribution. In the Cayman Islands there is a ‘whistle-blowing protection law’.

The Whistleblower Protection Law helps, protects and encourages employees who choose to report improper conduct by their employer.

However, the problem with ‘blowing the whistle’ in a tight-knit, small community like the Cayman Islands relates to everybody knowing each other’s business.

It is virtually impossible to report something without that report becoming public knowledge. The existence of a ‘community’ blog is evidence of the way information is shared openly and in public. The site brushes the law regularly with what they report.

How we can help whistle-blowers

Cayman Islands whistleblowing law
Cayman Islands whistleblowing law

We will ensure you are protected by the law. We will do this by ensuring your report is made to our partner attorney in the US. This means your information is held off Island and you can rest assured your information is encrypted to military grade and not held on servers that are online.

We will investigate your disclosure and ensure you are rewarded for it in the jurisdictions that reward for information of the following types;

  1. Tax evasion
  2. Money Laundering
  3. Bribery
  4. Terrorism financing
  5. Securities breaches (insider-trading, fraud etc)

Did you know?

If you want to receive whistleblower protection you must make your disclosure to an attorney-at-law, we will ensure that takes place.

Please make sure you have;

  1. Your identity, and any information you give to us, will be kept secret and confidential;
  2. A summary of the improper/unlawful conduct;
  3. The time, date and place where the conduct took place;
  4. The name of the suspect you are reporting about;
  5. The name of the organisation involved.
  6. The names of any witnesses to the suspect behavior/actions;
  7. Any files/images/documents that you have secured to corroborate what you report.

What we will do:

  1. We will gather all information.
  2. We will conduct a thorough investigation (Ex British Police officers)
  3. Only report to the organization involved if you expressly allow us to.
  4. Review all information.
  5. Report to you and keep you updated regularly via our encrypted messaging system.

You can access our encrypted and anonymous application here.

Frequently asked questions
If you have a question, the answer may already be here for you.

  1. Do I have other protections as a whistleblower?
    1. You are protected from civil and criminal proceedings by reporting via an attorney. We will allocate that attorney for you.
  2. Why does my disclosure have to be made ‘in the public interest’ before it will receive protection under the Law?
    1. This is to prevent self interest reports in the Cayman Islands. You must be reporting for the good of the public. Our attorney will help you with this definition.
  3. What is improper conduct?
  1. Improper conduct is defined as:
  • a criminal offence
  • a failure to carry out a legal obligation
  • conduct that has, or is likely to:
    • result in a miscarriage of justice
    • be a detrimental action
    • result in a violation of human rights
    • result in a threat to health and safety
    • result in a threat or damage to the environment
    • conduct that shows gross mismanagement, impropriety or misconduct involving public funds
    • willful concealment of any act described above

We will protect your interests to secure a reward and prevent detrimental action being taken against you.


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