AML Compliance Vacancies


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CYW are a compliance specialist company operating globally with a focus on the offshore jurisdictions, like the Cayman Islands. Take a look at our upcoming AML Compliance Vacancies.

AML Compliance Vacancies
AML Compliance Vacancies

CYW are different.

We specialize in collecting intelligence and investigating fraud and money laundering and supplying relative intelligence product to specialized firms in the US. We support whistleblowers in the industry, keeping them in complete control of their information and managing the enquiry to secure rewards for them.

What Compliance Vacancies Are there?

CYW are looking for compliance analysts, data specialists and Police detectives and Analysts. We will have a mixed employment base internally and externally, internationally.

  1. If you are interested in our AML Compliance Vacancies you need;
  1. CAMS qualified or Financial crime investigation qualified;
  2. Four years compliance/policing/support experience;
  3. Speak and write in fluent English;
  4. Have good access to the internet;
  5. Understand AML policy, product, employee and customer risk;
  6. A specialism in KYC will be beneficial for AML specialists;
  7. A specialism in investment products while not essential would be an advantage; and
  8. An understanding of US Compliancy laws.

2. If you are interested to work for us in our Intelligence division you will need;

  1. To be a qualified Police detective or intelligence analyst
  2. A minimum of four years experience
  3. Speak and write in fluent English
  4. To have good access to the internet
  5. Understand the British or US Intelligence management models
  6. If you have a specialism in informant handling it would be an advantage but isn’t a requirement.
  7. An understanding of Data Protection laws in the US and EU, specifically GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018.

What to do to apply.

We are collecting profiles of candidates. To register your interest you need to send to us the below documents. We will keep you on file ready for our recruitment programme commencing September through February next year.

For AML Operators and analysts

  • Your LinkedIn Profile
  • An example of an industry risk assessment you have completed/been involved in (in English).
  • An example of an enquiry you instigated into a customer, detailing the reasons why and what happened (in English). NB- Please redact any personal information in your example.
  • Your current role and responsibilities.
  • Your current salary in US dollars.
  • An example of how you would work remotely to support an offshore client base.

For Police Detectives/Analysts

  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • A resume
  • Four examples of how you have collected, collated or utilized intelligence product.
  • Your current role and responsibilities and your role and responsibilities of employment that relates to this vacancy.
  • Your current salary in US dollars.
  • An example of how you would work remotely to support an offshore client base.

Please send your information to;


We look forward to hearing from you.

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