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If there is something emergency services are good at it is making life or death decisions in the heat of battle. The below model is used by the British police. At least some of it is. We have expanded on it’s utility to cause cognisance of the factors that play into points 1 to 5.

CYW Decision making model

What is important is the ease with which people can grasp this. It’s about providing staff with a model that everyone knows to make decisions throughout the firm, at all levels.

At the command level the strategy/mission/Objective is set and this is communicated to the whole organisation. That’s the centre green circle.

From that, at any level, and at any urgency, the model is followed from 1 through 5. This is where the police model finishes. We have added the additional requirements to help people assess and consider information.

  1. Where did the information come from and how reliable is it?
  2. Do we know it to be true without reservation or just suspect it is true?
  3. What further information do we need to make a decision?
  4. We consider information using the PESTEL model
    • What political impact does this have?
    • How does it effect the environment?
    • What sociological impact does it have?
    • Any technical requirements/needs?
    • How does it impact the economy (or our revenue)?
    • What legal aspects do we need to consider?
  5. Out of the information we have or require, what is essential and what implied information do we need or have that supports this? Is it contingent on success?
  6. From the previous, build a plan. Have two contingencies based on the information we do not know or do not know to be 100% true. If those things have misled us, the two contingencies will be ready to then go through this cycle again, using the updated information.
  7. Put the plan into action and maintain a review cycle, constantly spinning the circle and re-assessing as you go.

Any question you have then feel free to direct them to us via our contact page.

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