Anonymous Encrypted Messaging Platform

Secure the ground truth

Deploy in your business today and uncover what is really going on with Aranea from our sister company Chis Solutions.

The system provides you with a reporting mechanism to secure reports from your entire business eco-system. Provide the link to your suppliers and customers and they too can then report things to you in complete anonymity.

Our clients use the system to combat a number of problems.

AML whistleblowing application live
AML whistleblowing application live
  • Reduce internal fraud
  • Improve customer relations
  • Feedback system for change management
  • Staff surveys
  • Leadership 360 feedback
  • Report wrong-doing
  • Blow the whistle
  • Improve contract negotiations
  • Reduce compliance sanctions

The system is encrypted to military grade

We leave nothing to chance by encrpyting everything and surrounding the platform with the world’s leading application firewall, from F5 technologies.

So secure the ground truth in your business today. Contact us to learn more.



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