Financial Anonymous Reporting

Financial Anonymous Reporting

Recent cases of money laundering have shown ‘insider’ knowledge within Financial Institutions. Huge fines are being levied against banks that had information within their walls about the frauds. CYW provide a Financial anonymous reporting software to improve CSR.

Add yourself as a ‘John Doe’ with a gmail address to maintain your anonymity.

Whistleblowing is possible for employees to report potential wrongdoing from within. But internal reporting isn’t always listened to at the first line management level.

Unfortunately whistleblowing internally isn’t trusted by employees who do not want to be adversely affected in their careers. There are multiple examples of employer abuse.

CYW have built an end to end encrypted messaging platform that maintains the anonymity of the user. Our encryption is cutting edge to prevent snooping or leaks.

  • We don’t record the IP or MAC address of the device.
  • Contacts are not identified.
  • We don’t identify you in any way.

We facilitate messages to be exchanged to report concerns. When contact is made we assess the information in complete confidence.

We do not take any actions prior to approval from you.

We provide free legal assistance. Blowing the whistle can just be about timing. We will help you get the timing right. It’s important we get to see information to assess the legal implications for you.

What you inform on may seem small but may actually be the final piece in a jigsaw of other reports, so it is important we get to assess all information.

Concerned someone is doing wrong? Clear your conscience and report it today. You are not alone. Follow this link for more…


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