Encrypted Messaging Platform

Encrypted messaging platform

Encrypted messaging platform
Encrypted messaging platform

Feedback from your team and business eco-system is selective. People generally don’t want to tell you things they know you don’t want to hear.

Like someone is stealing from you.

Or someone is conducting unethical business causing you unnecessary risk.

With our encrypted messaging platform you open up dialogue with your team. You can also distribute it to your suppliers and customers, they too can then provide you feedback.

How it helps

It allows your team to report issues internally saving your business reputation for sensitive issues.

It gives your entire business eco-system a route to inform you of fraud or criminality being conducted against you.

It is ideal in times of change to give your team chance to feedback to you what they don’t have the courage to do personally. Capturing vital information in the process.

Your teams can contact you via email, web contact, mobile app or (coming soon) telephone hotline.

The system is encrypted to military grade, doesn’t leave messages online un-necessarily and is totally anonymous.

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