Financial Crime Prevention Help

Financial Crime Prevention Help

Financial Crime Prevention Help
Financial Crime Prevention Help

Crime prevention seems like an easy concept to grasp. But have you considered all the angles and do you involve the right individuals?

Whenever Financial Crime Prevention Help is needed we frequently find there are major gaps in provision that a criminal will drive a horse and cart through.

Your brand is a significant asset that deserves considerable thought to protect. Have you considered the below.

Financial Crime prevention
Financial Crime prevention
  • Organised criminal gangs include individuals within institutes.
  • Misrepresentation of facts is a tactic used to facilitate financial crime.
  • Fraud can be perpetrated from within or a range of external actors.
  • Criminal activity is a 24 hour business and can be processed within seconds.
  • Online and dark web activity is rife and will include elements from your institute, be that seeking, collating or utilizing data against you.

What do you do to prevent financial crime?

Those five elements detailed above will have you thinking about your organization. How safe are you? What are your vulnerabilities? How can you fill in the gaps?

We will strategically review your current business model, products and staffing.

We will then advise on a strategic plan going deep into the operational elements to help you prevent financial crime.

We will help you consider;

Preventing crime
Preventing crime
  • Your overt to subliminal messages, both internal and external;
  • How you can improve your security externally;
  • How to vet employees thoroughly;
  • Who should be able to access the various IT provisions you have;
  • What measures you need to take to consider crime displacement;
  • How you can strengthen response to a crime in action;
  • What you should do to maximise ‘situational crime prevention’;
  • and more…

Take a deep dive (at least for the internet(!)) and read our crime prevention blog post to get you thinking, “Are we really secure?” Read it here.

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Prevention is better than cure…

Financial Crime Solutions designed and implemented by ex-police specialists are available to assist you and will cut your risk. Contact us for a free assessment.

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