Join Our Franchise Network

Join our franchise network and you’ll become part of a bigger family. A family that supports each other to grow.

Let’s start with the benefits, here’s what you’ll get if you partner with us…

  • Access to the offshore compliance market.
  • Become a tax efficient business trading offshore in a tax neutral environment.
  • A suite of Corporate level compliance software including;
    • Comply Advantage – Sanction, PEP, Watchlists, Adverse media – in 30 languages,
    • Citrix Sharefile – Secure and encrypted file sharing to AES256,
    • Flyingboat FATCA – Easy and quick file submissions,
    • Claromentis Intranet – Access to our global experts in a knowledge portal + more,
    • Moodle LMS/Webinars – Provide your clients access to train their staff for a fee,
    • Military 256AES encrypted emails – Encrypted emails to prevent leaks,
    • IT helpdesk – Everything backed up with a help desk to take away your IT headaches,
    • Single sign on to all services -Secure and Multi Factor authorisation,
    • Eversign contract signing – Quick and legally binding to secure your clients,
    • Office365 – All the microsoft tools you’ll ever need.
  • Maintain your business completely online and even work from home. It is all possible.

  • Office tools

  • Benefit from our applications, including;
    • Whistle-blowing platform,
    • Investigation platform,
    • FI intelligence access.
  • Use our full suite of customer management and retention tools including;
    • CRM – Improve customer acquisition and retention,
    • Email marketing – Run campaigns to target your prospects,
    • SMS texting – Remind your clients about important dates – automatically,
    • Telephone call center. All branded to provide Corporate messaging.

  • Benefit from our network of experts for help in technical matters – access global experts at your fingertips. Live time in our knowledge portal.
  • Use our business documentation and templates; including templates for policies and training.
  • Help to train your clients and keep an audit of who has been trained in what and when; all from our LMS, online or via our mobile app. Charge your clients for access.

Gain more effective marketing and promotion through scale.

Use our CRM to maintain contact with your clients and understand their needs. Cross and upsell to them. Use our contact centre to market your business through telephone marketing, or simply as a telephone exchange. Stay in touch with your clients through Text, be it a reminder of an important date or just to say hello!

World Class AML tools, from due diligence to sanctions and everything inbetween.

Utilise some of the most advanced AML tools available to support your compliance clients. Benefit from a suite of tools to better market your business and manage your customers. Conduct real time sanction and KYC checks from a single AI enabled platform. Available in 30 languages and updated from hundreds of thousands of credible sources every minute of every day. Sell your checks to regulated entities to reassure them they know who they are dealing with.

Access the Offshore Market

Cayman and BVI flags
Cayman and BVI flags

We help you to access the offshore compliance market. As an example, the Cayman Islands is the World’s fifth biggest financial centre with huge Insurance, Funds, Trusts and Banking entities – all of which need Compliance services. By being part of our franchise group you will be able to do business through us. As an additional benefit, that business could be tax neutral for you.

Security in Everything

All of our systems are protected by F5 WAF, our security partner, protecting 48 out of the top 50 Fortune 500 businesses.

We encrypt EVERYTHING to military grade to protect all assets.

Why now?

  • Legacy Tech is out-dated

The headwinds are building as the compliance industry goes digital. It’s likely in five years the work of a compliance consultant will be hugely different than today – and much reduced too. This is the route to protect your future. Of course all business is between people not faceless entities. But if COVID 19 is to teach any SME anything it is that digital business is here to stay. With $2 trillion laundered every year while human resource has increased ten fold in the US alone, human efforts to stem money laundering and terrorist financing have failed. Less than 1% of stolen assets are recovered annually.

There is a recognition of this across the industry.

“Identifying suspicious activity is like finding a needle in a haystack; well
that haystack is getting bigger and bigger and moving all the time. This
makes our job even more challenging.
In a digital world, we must use technology to help us better identify
money and laundering and terrorist financing activity.
While there is much more data to sift through, tools like machine learning
& smarter screening can help both financial institutions and government
authorities become more effective.”

FATF President
Xiangmin Liu
10 September 2019

Take a look at the statistics that identify the shift to digital is coming – reducing jobs and consultants.

Through our network your consultancy becomes part of the solution. We plug you into the expanding offshore market and provide you with cutting edge digital tools to identify clients and reduce risk.

You will provide cutting edge solutions to your clients through us.

Hurry, join soon – we’ve got contracting to go through!

We are opening the network on the 4th January 2021.

For those registering an interest before 30th September 2020 we are offering a discount of 50% on the registration cost, and a three stage payment plan.

No matter if you’re big or small – we are here for all. Register your interest for free today.



NB: Register an account here - remember, if you have come from Linkedin, we do not post all our content there. Register to get all our content.



NB: Register an account here - remember, if you have come from Linkedin, we do not post all our content there. Register to get all our content.