Gold Partner

Gold Partner

This membership entitles you to the full suite of world class tools to really ramp up the services you can offer to your clients. The feature list is flexible with the cost reflecting what you take from the paid subscription services like Office365. Want more users? Then we lift the price, if you have less, the price comes down – it is as flexbile as you are.

Go Digital

Access to AI enabled KYC checks and you can streamline the work of your clients and complete their checks for them. Real estate, Casinos, high value dealers, Antiquities and more. They all need to complete KYC. You can do it for them, providing them the results and storing them for audit.

Audits, Reviews and Risk Assessments.

Complete Audits, reviews and Risk Assessments online, through a managed portal that ensures you consider all of the main legislative/regulator requirements and produce a world class product for your clients. Keep it all accessible through our portal meaning your client has access to it 24/7.

Train Your Clients

Conduct online training and provide a portal that your clients can access at any time of the day or night. Charge your clients to train their staff. Do it in bite-size pieces or whole week courses, it is up to you. Maintain a record of everything trained, who did it, when and where and provide certificates where needed. Everything is audit-able.

Gain insight and Investigate

Use our encrypted communication platform, sell it as a whistle-blowing platform or management feedback tool, use our investigation portal to help you investigate like the police when an incident is uncovered and you’re contracted to help find out what happened. Gain insight from our intelligence collect.

Marketing and Sales Expertise

Maintain contact with your clients with automated processes through text, email, telephone and in person. Set deadlines, build campaigns, maintain information, up-sell, cross-sell and more. Keep a record of your marketing campaigns and all your prospects and customers. Manage your leads. Understand your successful channels. It is all here and waiting for you. This is so advanced it will take your business to the next level.

Go here to see some of the functionality this will give you.

File FATCA digitally

File your clients FATCA reports digitally, keeping records of what was filed and when. Everything stored conveniently for audit.

Go Offshore

Access the Cayman Islands financial sector which is worth $1.7 trillion annually. Through us you can compete to conduct the compliance work for thousands of financial businesses and do it in a tax neutral way. This wil increase your bottom line without increasing your tax. A no-brainer and win-win!

Encrypt and be secure

We encrypt all client data and protect everything with F5 WAF. With the gold package you can store all your sensitive data in the cloud with Citrix Securefile – encrypted to 256AES- military grade encryption.

Get Office 365 and sync everything.

Get office for all your devices through our account.

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We are accepting applications to join the network now. Benefit form the reductions for interested parties by registering before the end of October 2020.

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