Help With Internal Criminality

Help With Internal Criminality

Help With Internal Criminality
Help With Internal Criminality

It is hard to imagine someone within your institute committing crime. But it does go on and the financial industry is specifically at risk from it. CYW Solutions can Help With Internal Criminality, to protect your organization from the inside.

Today, nearly all of the major financial scandals being uncovered involve elements of internal criminality. If you had access to the dark web like we do you would be shocked how many financial professionals are ‘washing’ assets on the web. Criminals tumble Crypto currency, use mirror trading and wash money through elaborate corporate set ups, professionals are adding and abetting criminality at all levels.

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CYW will assess your business and products for risk. This will include ensuring who you employ are who they say they are. We will ensure appropriate HR policies are in place and strict governance and rules around IT access are in place. The weakest point in any organisations security is their human resource.

CYW Solutions will ensure your staff are updated to the highest levels of security when using IT.

Reduce internal criminality risk
Reduce internal criminality risk

We will ‘deep dive’ your human resource, focusing on individuals in positions of vulnerability to ensure you have a reduction in information leakage and you can confidently rely on your staff to be secure and free from criminal links.

Have you, for example….

Policies on recruitment are critical. Do you request the required data to be able to accurately assess the individuals applying? Do you put in place processes and policies to control access to data, communications and products to ensure adherence to your standards? Who are your employees connected to? Do you know why and do you ask them to report ‘notifiable associations’?

CYW Solutions will help you to secure your workplace and reduce your exposure to risk. Contact us today for a free assessment of your current risk profile; from within.

Free Internal Criminality Report
Free Internal Criminality Report



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