Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigations

When a corporate investigation is required for a private partner, CYW are here to provide professional investigative services to get to the ground truth.

  • Overt investigations including witness interviews/accounts.
  • Covert investigations including physical and technical surveillance.
  • Digital evidential recovery and analysis.
  • Cyber investigations and hacking recovery.
  • Investigations and analysis of the Dark Web.
  • Human Intelligence source, collect, analysis and dissemination.
  • Open source analysis – including social media deep search.
  • Criminal defence inquiries.
  • Civil case investigative support.
  • Service of court documents or orders.

With investigative resource at home and abroad CYW can support international investigations with forensic, intelligence and personnel drawn from police forces from the US and UK.

Our product is second to none.

If you have personal or corporate requirements contact us today, we operate in complete confidentiality.

Free investigation Assessment
Free investigation Assessment

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