Investment Manager Money Laundering Regulations.

Investment Manager Money Laundering Regulations

Investment Manager Money Laundering regulations
Investment Manager Money Laundering Regulations

Investment manager Money Laundering Regulations offshore are getting tougher to navigate. Whether you handle activities associated with the management of client portfolios, from day-to-day buying and selling of securities to portfolio monitoring, transaction settlement, performance measurement or regulatory and client reporting; we are here to help you. A recent CFATF review is requiring all such entities to have money laundering reporting officers based in the Cayman Islands.

Our team will help you manage the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Money Laundering regulations with minimal fuss and achieve the necessary incumbency.

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CYW can help with Money Laundering Regulations in the Cayman Islands.

Investment Manager Money Laundering regulationsspeed of actions
Faster transaction screening globally

Individuals or portfolio companies can all be assisted. CYW can reduce your regulatory cost while improving the speed of know your customer checks. With assistance from CYW you can provide quick onboarding to make your customer relationship management easier while still meeting money laundering regulatory needs.

Risk Management.

Investment Manager Money Laundering risk
Investment Manager Money Laundering risk

We will assess your investing philosophy and help with aligning a risk profile to the products you offer to protect you from money laundering and terrorist financing activity.

Your high net worth clients expect a level of service that doesn’t include delay. With our software returning know your customer checks in a matter of seconds and updated globally every fifteen minutes we can guarantee we are quicker than our competitors.

Depth of Search.

Investment Manager Money Laundering regulations risk search
Investment Manager depth of regulatory search.

We globally search PEPs, Sanctions, watch lists and Adverse Media in a range of languages and outlets. Our check lists are updated every fifteen minutes to ensure you are protected from money laundering regulatory issues. We also have proprietary data that we search to provide a platinum risk search for you. Our team can monitor the transactions your firm conducts to ensure mirror trading and other laundering tactics are not happening in your firm.

Corporate Services

Investment Manager Economic Substance
Investment Manager Economic Substance

When you need an entity incorporating in the Cayman Islands or need to secure Economic Substance in the Islands we can assist with both. Changes to regulations has required businesses that are incorporated but not present to have an element of economic substance in theIslands. Call us to find out how we can help you.

Investment Manager AML Review
Investment Manager AML Review

It would be plainly lacking in due diligence if we didn’t review your business prior to entering into a business relationship. We will review over a period of two years to provide you with an external view of the risk you face from the Cayman Island’s money laundering regulatory framework. This helps you assess your current client base, so working with us protects you from yourr past commercial business.

Benchmark the Competition.

Investment Manager Competitive Benchmarking
Investment Manager Competitive Benchmarking

It’s always good to know what your competitors are doing. We can assess their money laundering and terrorist financing regulatory performance for you and through that you can gauge where you sit on the regulatory risk continuum.

Key Takeaways

  • We will reduce your regulatory cost.
  • We will help you with our Cayman Islands Money Laundering Regulatory experience.
  • We will improve your risk profile.
  • We will benchmark your industry risk position.
  • We will perform an analysis of your competitors from which you can improve your competitiveness.

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