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Time is money
Time is money

$2 trillion is laundered every year. Just 1% is recovered. Banks don’t secure, analyse or share intelligence effectively. In fact some don’t do it at all! We share criminal intelligence, while protecting people and data. This stops criminals stealing money and recovers their ill-gotten gains. Our KPI? – To help to seize $500 billion of criminal assets in 2 years.

Andy Parr – CYW Solutions

Who We Are


CYW Solutions is a progressive business operating in the financial compliance industry. In the US alone $25 billion is spent annually on compliance – but it is failing. This isn’t our opinion, it is the global viewpoint of the industry, regulators and public sector partners.

Geared to a Risk Based Approach, the industry focuses on avoiding fines not stopping criminality and recovering stolen asset.

Only 1% recovered.

An absolutely whopping $1,980,000,000,000 is retained by criminals every year after it is ‘cleaned’ via  the legitimate financial system – we want to help in the fight to recover that. Our target at launch is to help regulators and law enforcement seize $500 billion when our network includes the top ten percent of tier one institutes.  Only when financial institutes share properly analysed intelligence live time will this happen.  Our USP is the ability to analyse aligned to Military methodology and create sharing and access rules to secure the system.

Andy Parr
CYW Solutions

World Class Services

If COVID19 has taught us anything it is the importance of being digitally connected. So much of compliance work can move online, and is doing as institutes replace people with digital tools. By joining the network compliance consultants get access to some of the most advanced digital tools to improve what they do professionally and gain more business opportunity – say by offering KYC checks to a Casino client. Add to this the portal access the end client has and they can review a consultants work 24/7/365 from any device.

The second big advantage is getting access to the offshore compliance market. The Cayman Islands financial industry has $1.7 trillion going through it every year. But it is a closed market to outside business. By joining the network you can bid for this work. Expand your horizons. Join today.

Andy Parr
CYW Solutions

CYW Solutions will make change happen.

Led by a seasoned law enforcement intelligence expert, we believe the industry needs to share data as early as possible in the money/business cycle to identify criminals and their transactions. Currently this process is ad-hoc at best and non-existent at worst.


Without the sharing of intelligence within the industry compliance officers have no realistic chance to identify crime and the gangs behind it. Even the advent of AI and machine learning software tools cannot make reasoned judgments when the input of data is only 50% of what is required to make appropriate decisions. Add to this the lack of metadata held by banks to understand things like the source, relevance, timeliness and credibility of even the most basic of data - and our solution is waiting to solve the issues.

'GIGO' = Garbage in, Garbage out.

We have developed a model of sharing that protects data, people and commercial interests. Our model has over 1100 data inputs so far and it is growing. Putting quality in to get quality assessments out.

We will use a patented method to ensure intelligence reaches where it needs to, in order to enhance decision making through machine learning technologies and human interaction. And crucially, the intelligence arrives in time to stop transactions and report to the authorities appropriately.

Aranea - the world's first task-able encrypted messaging platform

We have already built a platform to share human intelligence. Our platform is protected to military grade encryption, is totally anonymous, allows tasking of sources and provides MI that helps institutes identify trends and patterns.

Encrypted messaging platform

It is a world first development.

Our platform is unique. It facilitates reports independent of institutes so a person can report something without the offending institute being aware. It allows tasking of informants across the entire network, filtered for risk, to corroborate reports and support reporting people.

It also facilitates progressive and ethical institutes to join the platform to manage their own cases in-house.


Our Offshore Compliance Network is due for launch in January 2021. For the first time it will facilitate access to the offshore market for small independent compliance consultants based in the US. This development is set to revolutionise the offshore market and make it cheaper to do business, more effective and responsive to change. It will be cheaper and more effective for two reasons. The Cayman Islands is the second most expensive place to live. The costs to employ compliance staff are too high. Secondly, due to a small population, the skills aren't here so the industry relies on 'Ex-pat' workers. This work can be 'on-shored' to the US and completed more effectively and more economically and it is this we will do by creating economies of scale for the software and cheaper labour to under-cut the market. We can cut costs by 30%.

The network provides cutting edge compliance software (see it on this page) so consultants can broaden their scope of business and complete digital reporting that clients can see online - everything is encrypted.

What We Need to Progress

To support the network and the intelligence software development we are seeking seed investment of $350,000 (US). This revenue will:

  • Facilitate the opening of two offshore offices both tax neutral
  • A software development office to manage the build of a concept model of the intelligence system.
  • A network compliance office that will secure business for the network in the offshore tax havens (Cayman's FI is worth $2.7 trillion annually)
  • Facilitate a marketing budget to market to a very niche and defined audience.
  • Facilitate a corporate sponsor (a tier three bank).
  • Marketing of the encrypted platform through law firms and financial institutes in the US.
  • No revenue will be taken out of the business in the form of remuneration for any Director/Executive officer for 12 months and then subject to negotiation.
  • Once funded and operational/trading, we will be seeking further funding of $4 Million in a series A round and $9 million in Series B.

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