Non-Executive Directors

Non-Executive Directors

We are seeking five non-executive directors to join the team when we secure the financing we are seeking.

We will be targeting individuals specifically but you are more than welcome to send in a resume if you believe you can meet the below criteria. We will be filling these posts in April/May 2020.


Banking NED

  • Board experience
  • Worked with international responsibility
  • Good knowledge of Compliance and specifically AML/CTF compliance requirements.
  • Knowledge of Compliance software

Software specialist

Software Specialist

  • Managed global software projects
  • Experienced director of a software company
  • Knowledge of IT risk and security protocols/policies
  • Knowledge of Compliance software
  • AI and Blockchain experience.


Compliance Specialist

  • Board level experience of a global business
  • GRC experience
  • Non-banking financial industry role

Sharing data

Senior Law Enforcement Role

  • Senior Leader
  • Criminal Investigation expertise
  • Understanding of information sharing policies/protocols.

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyer

  • Global contract experience
  • Partner level
  • Banking/Finance industry experience
  • International Data-sharing/Privacy regulations knowledge.

We are offering a generous package for the right NED. Please contact us for more information via our contact page.



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