Operation Embrace – AML Intelligence

Op Embrace

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Operation Embrace – AML Intelligence

AML Intelligence
AML Intelligence

Operation Embrace will improve your AML Intelligence system.

The team that takes responsibility for designing the system comes from a range of specialisms. Between them there are over 200 years experience dealing with financial crime and managing intelligence.

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The new system will;

AML Intelligence firewall protected
Firewall protected
  • Allow sharing of intelligence from private institute to private institute without data ever leaving their own firewall.
  • Allow sharing intelligence between public and private sectors – again without data ever leaving the suppliers firewall.
  • Protect privacy rights of individuals and business.
  • Secure Open Source intelligence to build in a full picture of threat.

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  • Facilitate a process to enable banks to have a Strategic Threat Assessment aligned to operational activity.
  • Provide KPIs to measure the success of the system and volume of identified criminal gangs.
  • Enable prosecution ready reports/statements to be available.
  • Incorporate real world criminal intelligence sourced from the criminals themselves.
  • Utilise digital tracking information to identify hotspots and trends.
  • Anonymise the supplying and receiving institutes in the network to protect commercial interests.

And the system will do so much more.

Some of our functions are a closely guarded secret pending launch and patent. What we can say at this stage is this system is unrivaled in the field.

We are seeking software partners interested in Operation Embrace. Talk to us for more..

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