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Business partnership
Business partnership

We believe collaboration and support are the best ways to do business. If you want to work with a progressive and innovative company get in touch.

Software companySiezure of your computersWe are looking for software companies to work with us. If you have AI, Blockchain or data management experience, contact us.
Corporate SponsorHow to investigate Money LaunderingWe are looking for a Tier 3 bank to sponsor our software build. Contact us to learn more.
Capital InvestmentBest money laundering schemesWe are looking for investors to launch our growth. Fill in the below form to register an interest and get copies of our investment documents.

Constantly growing and evolving CYW are filling a huge gap in the market. We are looking for investors to help us grow quickly.

But what market are we in?

The answer is several centered around Compliance.

  1. Our Encrypted messaging platform can be used to uncover criminal activity in any organisation. We are focusing on the financial industry but it could just as easily work in any sector.
    1. It can be deployed by a client in their business to reduce fraud (as one example).
    2. It can also be used independently by any individual who wants to report externally to the organisation – we only take these reports if the issue is NOT with one of our business clients, if it is a business client we refer the matter to them to manage internally.
    3. The system can task inquiries to all users, and even be used by a client’s suppliers and customers to give a holistic view of their business. 38% of fraud committed against a business is reported by an external partner; we are the first solution to allow our client’s partners to report issues to them anonymously and via encrypted means.
    4. We are launching the platform in late July.
  2. Our traditional AML consultancy will be opening an office in the Cayman Islands. From here we will manage our entire AML business.
    1. We will be securing clients on the island and in BVI.
    2. We are partnering with SME compliance businesses in the US to improve their access to world class compliance software and to reduce their tax burden by providing them with representation in the Cayman Islands.
  3. We are in the design phase of a significant intelligence and investigation platform to look to network Financial compliance risk in ML/TF.
    1. This system will share patterns of transactions that raise suspicion so the industry as a network can manage it.
    2. It will, for the first time, network intelligence across the industry and include external intelligence from a range of sectors including Government beneficial ownership and business registration platforms, Customs and Excise, OSINT, Financial Conduct Authorities, Law enforcement, and more.
    3. This system will change the industry and make it much more proactive in routing our criminality. It will significantly reduce our client’s risk and compliance cost.

If you want to invest in a partner that has an eye for innovation and technological solutions, contact us.

The world is going digital – be a part of it.

We are particularly looking for Cayman Islands investment now.

Contact us to discuss your options.


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