Private to Public Liaison

Regulator Liaison

Private to Public Liaison
Private to Public Liaison

When the regulators come knocking it is a daunting time for any business. Having someone to help with liaison assists the smooth flow of information to the authorities to keep them onside. It’s vital to protect your interests to have a buffer, someone to field the inquiries and to ensure what they ask for is lawful and subject to audit for return.

We protect you.

We protect you from ‘off the cuff’ comments or criminally liable statements when the police are in attendance.

The ex-police officers in our team have years of experience managing large, even international, inquiries into serious and organized criminality. The regulators will come with lots of staff with plans to seize;

Siezure of your computers
Siezure of your computers
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Other communications
  • Equipment (computers/servers/hard drives/storage devices)
  • Verbal accounts
  • Written reports/statements
  • Make arrests/Require interviews
  • Mobile/Cell devices
  • and more

What CYW will do is put in place measures to ensure what the officers seize is;

  • Lawful
  • Legitimate
  • Proportionate
  • Recorded
  • Audited
  • Chased for return (you can wait years for return of IT equipment for example)
Seizure by the police
Seizure by the police

The simple seizure of a computer by the police or a regulator can seriously hamper a business. Yet the police or others can hold that asset for literally months while they search through the hard drives trying to find incriminating evidence. We ensure you get it back, and quickly.

We will assist with knowledge of the procedures and help in recovering your vital assets quicker than you could achieve on your own, and shield you from un-necessary incriminating evidence..

Contact us to see what measures we would put in place within your organization to protect your business.

Criminal private to public liaison
Criminal private to public liaison

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