Silver Partner

Silver Partner

This pack entitles you to everything except restricts access to the offshore market, business tax neutrality and customer relationship/marketing software.

Go Digital

Conduct risk assessments, audits, reviews and KYC checks all from the office desk. Get rid of the spreadsheets and give your client access to your work right from their desktop. Store it all in a safe environment for later audit.

Train your clients

Conduct online training and provide a portal that your clients can access at any time of the day or night. Charge your clients to train their staff. Do it in bite-size pieces or whole week courses, it is up to you. Maintain a record of everything trained, who did it, when and where and provide certificates where needed. Everything is audit-able.

Audits, Reviews and Risk Assessments

Complete Audits, reviews and Risk Assessments online, through a managed portal that ensures you consider all of the main legislative/regulator requirements and produce a world class product for your clients. Keep it all accessible through our portal meaning your client has access to it 24/7.

Gain insight and Investigate

Use our encrypted communication platform, sell it as a whistle-blowing platform or management feedback tool, use our investigation portal to help you investigate like the police when an incident is uncovered and you’re contracted to help find out what happened. Gain insight from our intelligence collect.


Stay in touch with your clients via text or email marketing campaigns.

Stay Secure

Through the network you get access to our F5 WAF security and encrypted systems. We don’t supply secure file storage with silver however, you need to purchase a gold membership for that.

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